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BoA Has a New Haircut for Upcoming Drama “Expect Dating”?

On Aug 17, “Superstar K” judge, solo artist, and singer BoA uploaded a sketch of herself on her Instagram account.  In a photograph, BoA shows off a hazed eye and brief child cut with a caption: “Hi there~.”  Fans marveled during how BoA’s voluptuous new demeanour and wondered either it was for her new drama. 

BoA was expel in her initial lead purpose for KBS romantic-comedy “Expect Dating” (also famous as “Looking Forward to Romance“) along with Daniel Choi, Im Siwan, and Kim Ji Won that is approaching to atmosphere in September.  The romantic-comedy follows a organisation of women and group in their twenties and thirties, and a ups-and-downs of their relationships.  BoA plays a impression of Ju Yeon Ae who has been stung in a past by dating a fibre of bad boys.  Daniel Choi plays a impression of Cha Gi Dae who is a dating manager that is means to review women’s hearts and know their desires and motivations.  Im Siwan plays a impression of Jeong Jin Gook who is in adore with Ju Yeon Ae.  Kim Ji Won plays a impression of Choi Sae Rom who represents a trendy mil-ddang (push-pull) lady who melts a hearts of group with a games she plays.