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IU Will Star in “Beautiful Man” with Jang Geun Suk

Singer IU is holding on a purpose of a categorical impression in a play once again. 

She is now scheming for her quip in TV dramas with a new KBS miniseries, “Beautiful Man,” that will atmosphere mid-next month. One of a “Beautiful Man” prolongation crew pronounced on StarIN – Edaily that “We have had many possibilities for a purpose and had a assembly with a producers… Currently we are in a final stages of contention with IU about a part.”

The purpose IU is deliberating is that of a womanlike lead, Kim Bo Tong, that means ‘normal.’ Just as her name suggests, she is an intensely normal, nonetheless infrequently friendly lady who has a vanquish on Dokgo Mate, a illegitimate child of MG Group. The actor for Dokgo Mate was motionless early on as actor Jang Geun Suk.  Actor Lee Jang Woo will be personification David Choi, who contingency quarrel Dokgo Mate for a mark in Bo Tong’s (IU’s) heart.

“Beautiful Man” is to follow adult a stream play starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, “Secret.” The play that was creatively going to be aired in November, “Generation of Youth,” got pushed back, and a “Beautiful Man” group is doing their best to get a casting for a play finished adult as shortly as possible.  This play will be created by a author with prior knowledge performing comics, Yoo Young Ah, with prior works such as “My Paparotti,” “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” “No Breathing,” etc.  Shooting for a initial part is scheduled to take place before a finish of this month. 

IU’s initial work in a play was with KBS’s “Dream High,” where she played a tyro with measureless talent, though no looks. Afterwards, she seemed in a KBS play “You’re a Best, Lee Soon Shin!” where she took on her initial lead purpose and perceived many compliments for her description of an determined actor.

When her purpose in “Beautiful Man” is finalized, this will be her third play in that she portrays a well-developed out of an typical character.

Meanwhile, IU has recently expelled a new album, “Modern Times.” She is now giving her all with promotions for a new album, that has been holding over a song charts.