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Who Wore It Better: Park Ha Sun vs. Hwang Sun Hee

Who Wore It Better: Park Ha Sun vs. Hwang Sun Hee

Actresses Park Ha Sun and Hwang Sun Hee have recently displayed their particular attracts while flash a same outfit.

Park Ha Sun is now starring on “Highkick The Short Legs Strike Back” as a lovable nonetheless quirky high propagandize teacher. She displayed several looks from delicate to poetic from part to episode. Her poetic thick, wavy hair portrayed her beautiful and delicate beauty along with her apricot-colored weave dress.

On a other hand, Hwang Sun Hee appears on “Wild Romance” as Oh Soo Young, a mother of ball actor father Jin Dong Soo (Oh Man Seok). She shows her superb and polished character on a play as well. She also wore a matching weave dress and had her hair clean tied adult to execute a lovable and contented image.

Interested netizens and fans commented, “They both demeanour good in a weave dress,” “They any have their possess opposite feel,” and “Pretty much? My face is flattering tan so we don’t unequivocally demeanour good in apricot colored clothing.”

So what do we think? Who do we consider wore better, Park Ha Sun or Hwang Sun Hee? Let us know!