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Title : Will You Love and Give It Away? / Give Love Away / Love Doesn’t Go Away / A Little Love Never Hurts
Genre : Family, Romance
Episodes : 50
Directors : Kim Nam Won, Choi Byung Gil
Screenwriter : Choi Hyun Kyung (Ugly Cake, Definitely Neighbors, Just Like Today)
Broadcast network : MBC, each Saturday Sunday 20:45
Broadcast duration : 2013-Sep-28


A family play about integrate who remarries in a aged age and how their grown-up children understanding with violent romance

Character Description

Jung Jaemin
31 years aged contented and large man. He is  Hakyung’s bodyguard and driver.

Jaemin is a mischievous and humorous immature man. At a time when he does some mistakes or failure, he can forget it quickly.

His diseased indicate are his father and family.
His father gave birth to him by bootleg love-affairs. All of his family knows it. Though his biggest sister Yujin try to know and console him, his second large sister Yura hates him. His high propagandize and college friends know him as a by from common family.

He is so detrimental to get a job. Though he upheld paper-test, several times, he unsuccessful in interview. Miju is a lady whom he met in his tough days. She was like a mom or sister for him. So, he attempted to equivocate display his family problems to her since he wants to uncover her his good tools only.
But, it creates their (=Jaemin and Miju) attribute goes worse. When he knows Miju’s calm comes to limit, he motionless to deliver her to his father. But, something astonishing thing happens and done them mangle off.

Then, he met Hakyung. Since he met Hakyung, his twisted-life starts to be solved. As Hakyung mother’s likes him, he succeeds to get job. Moreover, he is selected as Hakyung’s destiny father !! Hakyung, who was sleepy of her mother’s whinging about marriage, suggests a matrimony contract. Jaemin starts to onslaught not to remove his chance.

Song Miju

30 years aged proxy workman in bank. Because she has honour and eccentric personality, she occasionally complains opposite hardships.

At 7, her relatives divorced. It harm her heart. She feels empathize for her mom and hates her inconclusive father.

At early theatre of her attribute with Jaemin, she likes his opinion that he always tries to uncover splendid partial of him. But, as time passes by, she starts to think his genuine heart as he does not uncover his heart sincerely.

After she pennyless with Jaemin, she enters mother’s home. While she helps mother’s grocery store, she recognizes her possess talents during cooking. She decides to give adult her wish to turn unchanging workman in a bank, then, starts to learn cooking seriously.

While she lives together with her mother, her bad influence over her mom starts to disappear. She starts to like her. When she knows that her mom feels preference for Hyunsoo, she tries aggressively to compare them.

Eun Harim

34 years old. Owner and cook of tiny restaurant.
By appearance, it seems that he owns everything. He is inexhaustible and romantic. So, women like him.

Because of his splendid and full-of-smile face, he looks like he never gifted difficulties. But, actually, he perceived many hardships from his mom due to mother’s pressure: Pressure that her son contingency be a best in any area.

When Hyesin (=Harim’s mother) knows Harim’s dream is only apropos a tiny grill owner, she unhappy really much.
Since then, she frequently blames and begs her son. As he used to it, he handles it well.

Though he likes Miju, he tries not to adhere to her as he wants to keep her safely. Actually, For Miju who feels sleepy with her daily life, harim is like her king charming..

Eun Hakyung

28 years old. Marketing director. As she grows adult in a rich family, she is not informed with dim side of life. She is big and cheerful. She talks what she feels, so infrequently it hurts people.
But, it is not her intention. She does not have any influence for people.

Though she is infrequently naïve, drifting in daily life, she is veteran in works.

Between mom and brother, she takes mother’s side in front, then, consoles hermit in behind her. She knows what her mom design from her.
Sometimes she wants to run divided from her mother’s expectation, though she obeys her mom as she likes her works.

While she feels giveaway for love, she is not engaging in marriage.
When she felt sleepy with her mother’s wish for marriage, she due matrimony agreement to Jaemin.

But, as time passes by, she feels that Jaemin is a good male and starts to like him.

Main Cast

Lee Sang Yeob as Jung Jae Min
Hong Soo Hyun as Song Mi Joo
Suh Ji Suk as Eun Ha Rim (Ha Kyung’s comparison brother)
Shin Da Eun as Eun Ha Kyung

Jae Min’s family

Park Geun Hyung as Jung Hyun Soo (Jae Min’s father)
Yoo Ho Jung as Jung Yoo Jin (Jae Min’s comparison sister)
Kim Seung Soo as Kang Sung Hoon (Yoo Jin’s husband)
Han Go Eun as Jung Yoo Ri (Jae Min’s comparison sister)

Mi Joo’s family

Cha Hwa Yun as Hong Soon Ae (Mi Joo’s mother)
Kang Suk Woo as Song Ho Sub (Mi Joo’s father/Soon Ae’s ex-husband)
Kim Na Woon as Lee Yun Hee (Mi Joo’s stepmother/Ho Sub’s wife)
Nam Bo Ra as Song Eun Joo (Mi Joo’s half sister)
Suh Dong Won as Song Byung Joo (Mi Joo’s comparison brother)
Oh Na Ra as Kim Ji Young (Byung Joo’s wife)

Ha Kyung’s family

Choi Jung Woo as Eun Hee Jae (Ha Kyung’s father)
Yoo Ji In as Lee Hye Shin (Ha Kyung’s mother)
Jung Jae Soon as Eun Hee Ja (Hee Jae’s comparison sister)
Choi Soo Rin as Shin Soo Jung (Lee Hye Shin’s partner and butler)

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