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Behind a scenes of Tree With Deep Roots with Sam-moon

Time for another behind-the-scenes demeanour during a play with IS Plus. The final time we lonesome one of these was with Wish Upon A Star, following a lead singer Choi Jung-won. This installment follows Hyun-woo, a actor personification academician Sung Sam-moon in a now airing Tree With Deep Roots.

In box we (like me) were stranded wondering for a good dozen episodes since Sam-moon seemed so informed though couldn’t utterly place him, Hyun-woo’s a actor from Pasta’s Team Italy, as good as one of a Flower Fighters of Dream. Amazing how many reduction tangible a chairman can turn when we cover adult his curly mop of hair, no?

Hello, this is Hyun-woo. These days, we unequivocally feel like I’m dreaming. It’s a outrageous happening as an actor to be personification such an appealing impression in Tree With Deep Roots, though to also be appearing in a sitcom I Live in Cheongdam-dong creates me intensely happy. With such clever sunbae-nims in both shows, we have so many to learn. On a other hand, it is severe to act in front of a best sunbae actors, since I’m not wholly means to shake off my nerves. I’ve put a lot of suspicion into how to emanate engaging and appealing characters, though I’m not certain how we in a viewership are receiving them. we quickly shook off my nerves to take a demeanour during a set of Tree With Deep Roots, a uncover I’m focusing my courtesy on these days, by a camera viewfinder. I’ve held us in these photos looking intense, though also enjoying ourselves. Come with me and take a demeanour during a set of a renouned strike Tree With Deep Roots.


(1) Here’s one shot of me with Han Seok-kyu sunbae-nim, who’s a focal indicate of a play as King Sejong. I’m smiling for a camera, though I’m broke to be in front of such a reputable sunbae-nim. You meant we can tell right divided that it looks awkward? Ey, we’re friendly, really!


(2) Here’s one shot taken while rehearsing with Ki-bum, who plays Park Paeng-nyun. We’ve gotta be a Joseon Dynasty’s tip flower boys — we’re right there with Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in. Historically, it’s pronounced that Sung Sam-moon and Park Paeng-nyun were tighten friends.


(3) Here are Jang Hyuk sunbae-nim, who handles a movement aspect of Tree With Deep Roots, and Shin Se-kyung, who manages a beauty. The design looks great, though we consider Se-kyung is crying. Jang Hyuk sunbae-nim, what did we do to her?!


(4) Starting from a left are Park Hyuk-kwon sunbae-nim, who plays academician Jung In-ji, and Jo Jin-woong sunbae-nim, who plays Joseon’s many learned swordsman Mu-hyul. With Ki-bum and me, we could call us a scene-stealing set.


(5) What do we think, don’t we demeanour like a genuine Jiphyeonjeon scholar? From a neat exemplary clothe and a demeanour in my eye, can’t we usually feel a suggestion and comprehension of a exemplary scholar? Haha!


(6) Here’s a collection of Hyun-woo’s “V-poses.” To mangle it down, there’s a friendly V, a cold V, a lovely V, and a voluptuous V. There’s usually one V, though saying how many ways we can demonstrate it, doesn’t that make me utterly a overwhelming actor? ^.^;;


(7) Reason series 1 the filming set is so great: Lots of actresses! Number 2, lots of immature actresses! Number 3, lots of immature actresses to play justice ladies! That is all. These friendly justice ladies insisted on holding a print with me. Ah, this recognition of mine…


(8 ) Here’s Han Seok-kyu sunbae-nim mid-rehearsal, with justice ladies and organisation logging around as they move. Unlike me, when we pierce around with Ki-bum, whenever Seok-kyu sunbae-nim moves, a outrageous environment moves with him.