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Special Affairs Team TEN: Episode 1 (Part 1)


Warning: this play is not for a gloomy of heart. It is graphic, twisted, sleek, dark, sultry, and it is amazing. we have never seen such excellent behaving from Joo Sang Wook, who is as disfigured as his suspects. The initial partial is over 2 hours long, operative like a standalone movie, and is presumably formed on a genuine life case. I’m bursting partial 1 into dual parts. given it’s approach too long.

Ready to take a thrust into Episode 1: The Tape Murder Case?

We start with a immature lady holding a shower, listening to some exemplary music. Glimpses of journal writing and print cutting, and a lady starts primping herself before going to a bar to work as a hostess. We see some scrapbooking with those cut photos, and afterwards that same lady stumbles out of a bar, drunk.

The newspaper/photo writing chairman finishes up, grabs a potion jar of cranes and a bag, and leaves.

Chapter 1: Baek Dok Sa (White Venomous Snake)

BAEK DO SHIK (Kim Sang Ho) is a maestro investigator whose instincts and premonition always infer right over his partner’s some-more vapid process of anticipating evidence. His nickname is “baek dok sa,” or “venomous snake” given of his pointy talents, and his ability to pinpoint a justification and solve cases with circuitously ideal accuracy.

He heads to a cliffside in Gangwon range for a new self-murder case. It’s usually wise that there’s a vast pointer during a corner of a precipice observant “No jumping for suicides.” Apparently there have been a lot of suicides and attempted suicides ever given a casino non-stop adult nearby. When Do Shik and his partner Yoon conduct down to check a body, Do Shik fast total out that it’s not a suicide, nonetheless a homicide.

Since self-murder is a greedy act, a jumper would be cowardly. He would not tumble with his eyeglasses on (which they find burst a small ways away), and his there’s no pointer of his wallet, so his temperament has been nude off him. The usually thing in his slot is a casino chip. Do Shik is clearly dispassionate about a whole thing, opting to go locate a flasher in front of a high propagandize rather than work on this case, nonetheless Yoon reminds him that they’re ostensible to work on this case. Orders from a top.

When Yoon falls defunct checking a CCTV tapes from a casino, Do Shik throws an dull bulb bombard during Yoon and tells him to find a chairman already. The remains is a month old, so they should have left behind in a tapes distant enough. Yoon scoffs – how does Do Shik know it’s been a month? But he flips on a fasten and finds a masculine walking to a elevators relating a outline of a corpse. And approbation – that shot was available a month ago! Off they go to a casino!

They travel around a casino building and find a pleasing lady sitting by a slots, already propositioning a desperate, rumpled masculine who appears to have mislaid all his money. She’s Soon Ok a Moneylender – or so it says on her job card. Do Shik knew this moneylender as Kim Kong Ji, nonetheless it doesn’t matter – he wants to know if she recognizes their upheld guy. She does – nonetheless he doesn’t fit a common box of unfortunate masculine driven towards self-murder given of debts. SEO JI SUK was comparatively affluent and always paid his debts on time. There was one instance when he missed payment, and therefore had to call his younger sister to assistance bail him out. Do Shik requests for Ji Suk’s number, and his younger sister’s strike information.

Next thing we know, Do Shik is carrying all a military officers scour a crime stage during a feet of a precipice all night, acid for any evidence. (Perhaps he suspects a sister competence have had something to do with a murder, perplexing to absolved of her pesky, gambling brother.) Yoon complains about Do Shik’s unreasonableness, nonetheless a heated hunt for justification pays off: they learn a china tennis bracelet.

Chapter 2: The Monster… Hunting a Monster

In a dim vital room, YEO JI HOON (Joo Sang Wook) reviews a fasten of a torpedo he interviewed years ago, where a torpedo admits to perplexing to kill and rape dual women during a same time. He gets a call from a military station, and immediately heads over. Despite being a former-detective-turned-professor, there is one unprepared box on his record…

The medical investigator annals a new victim’s physique – SEO EUN BI, 24 years old. Her hands, feet, and face are firm by tape, and all of her fingers are cut off. We are told she was a bar stewardess – presumably a one we saw in a commencement – who was killed someday between midnight and 1:30AM on Sep 6. There was one masculine eyewitness.

Chief Jung of a patrol presents all of these extraneous justification to his superiors, and points out a likeness to a Daejeon Tape Murders 7 years prior. Enter Ji Hoon, who has left to inspect a physique initial before vocalization to a other officers.  Ji Hoon was an consultant on that unsolved box 7 years ago, and annals usually one inequality between a cases – this time, a victim’s mouth was taped shut, and there was no blood on her face. It indicates that a torpedo has spin some-more sadistic in wanting his resigned plant to watch her fingers get cut off while alive.

Once alone in a assembly room, Ji Hoon pauses and looks during a projector screen. “Is it unequivocally you?” he smiles. “I scarcely forgot about you.”

Chapter 3: Lie Detector

NAM YE RI (Jo Ahn) isn’t your standard military officer. Her sweet, “easy pushover” appearance creates her a terrible trade cop, nonetheless she is a gifted rapist profiler operative in a victims conversing department. She has a inherited ability to tell when people are fibbing or not. A higher comes to her boss, requesting that she be put on a blank person’s case. The chairman seeking is a relative, GUN SANG WON, and he’s unfortunate to find his partner KIM EUN YOUNG, even nonetheless she hasn’t been left for some-more than a day yet.

Her peaceful celebrity helps when she meets Sang Won for a initial time in Eun Young’s apartment, and she even crushes on him as well. She inspects a apartment, observant a neatness of a room and a miss of photos of a boyfriend. She asks him what their attribute is, and he sheepishly admits they were to be married.

Lies – and Ye Ri knows it. She prods further, and he admits that they strike a severe patch 3 months prior, and she wanted to mangle adult a month ago. He’s not over her, even nonetheless she doesn’t put any denote of him carrying been in her life.

Chapter 4: Public Telephone

The call annals for Seo Ji Suk’s phone come out, and uncover that he was alive on Aug 5 during 11pm, walking out of a casino. Do Shik pinpoints an 033 series that Ji Suk didn’t answer, nonetheless Yoon has no explanation. Frustrated, Do Shik goes off on his possess and calls that number. It leads to a open write counter that has no CCTV cameras in sight. Do Shik puzzles over what could have happened, and how a sister fits in on all this.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon and his new sidekick PARK MIN HO (Choi Woo Shik) listen to a 911 recording of a masculine stating a murder in Eun Bi’s house. Ji Hoon picks adult on a inequality – a declare gave a wrong travel series for a apartment. He heads out for a apartment, revelation Min Ho to go into a unit himself while he goes and wanders a area’s alleyways and dim corners.

Ji Hoon finds a building opposite from Eun Bi’s unit and climbs adult a few floors until he can see Min Ho in Eun Bi’s unit clearly. The declare was a peeping Tom, and serve explanation of that is a countless cigarette butts fibbing on a floor.

Reuniting with Min Ho, a twin check out a area and find a compensate phone a declare contingency have used. There are several trade cameras and store CCTV cameras that could have held a witness. Ji Hoon pulls out his badge to a assistant and insists on saying her CCTV tapes.

That evening, Ye Ri reviews a box and Sang Won’s testimony. She discovers that Eun Young had eliminated out 3 million Won and afterwards 5 million Won out of her bank account, and calls adult Sang Won for verification. However, he knows zero of it. She puzzles over since Eun Young pennyless adult with a clearly good man, forsaken out of her Masters program, and usually perceived calls on her phone rather than called out… obscure so most that she falls defunct in a office, to her boss’ discomfit a subsequent morning.

Her trainer also hands her what he found about a certain phone series – it led to a open compensate phone. Ye Ri heads on over to a phone’s plcae and looks around for cameras. And so… a 3 teams are now connected by a fluke of compensate phones…

Chapter 5: Rain Shower

Do Shik purchases a train sheet to Seoul and, while watchful on a benches, sits opposite from dual siblings fighting over a game. Big Bro steals it from Lil Sis, who insists she has 5 some-more mins left to her turn. Lil Sis cries, and Do Shik reprimands Big Bro. Big Bro starts crying, and afterwards Momma Hen comes over! She ain’t happy that Do Shik seems to have harm her small chicks, and so Do Shik escapes by claiming that his train is leaving. Hee.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon and Min Ho have located a declare who called in Eun Bi’s genocide from a compensate phone. Min Ho speaks to a man, YUN JI EOM, face to face, and Ji Hoon watches with a multi-monitor set adult in another room. To palliate a witness’s nerves, they concede him to smoke.

Ji Eom claims that he was during home during a night of a murder, sleeping, nonetheless Min Ho fast points out that he can get a DNA representation off a cigarette he only smoked. He also shows him a bagged cigarette butts from a building opposite a street; won’t a DNA match? His pretext busted, Ji Eom admits that he couldn’t sleep, and so he took a “walk” around 1 AM. Read: he went to his common mark to sight during half-naked girls by a windows. When he upheld by and saw Eun Bi’s room though, a lady was already upheld with fasten around her face.

Ji Hoon communicates with Min Ho around earpiece and has him ask Ji Eom about a tone of a tape. Ji Eom says it was green. Suddenly a room is filled with Ji Hoon’s voice by a sound system: if Ji Eom saw a tone of a fasten during such a distant distance, he contingency have had a camera with telephoto lens, right?

Meanwhile, Ye Ri films a surrounding area of her write counter with a mini camcorder. Her trainer afterwards calls, seeking that investigator group a noted phone series belonged to. Looks like Eun Young indispensable some private investigating. Ye Ri visits a agency, who pleasantly looks adult Eun Young’s account. She checks out some of a detective’s tools, including a telescope, cameras, and a wrench, when a investigator says Eun Young had a box from Jun 3rd to Jun 17. Reason: to kill a person.


The investigator breaks into a giggle – he was kidding. EHHH?! Ye Ri freaks out and rushes forth, wrench lifted in her hand. Ahhh – don’t kill a detective! He nervously admits that Eun Young was looking for someone, and backs divided from a wrench. Hee.

Ji Hoon and his group examine Ji Eom’s apartment, where his mother and son watch on nervously. Ji Hoon looks by Ji Eom’s camera and finds photos of a crime scene, time hammered during 1:22. Ji Hoon still thinks that Ji Eom competence have been a culprit, and wonders how he left a crime scene. That’s when Min Ho calls Ji Hoon over – he found some-more photos of Eun Bi in her apartment, half exposed and romping around in bed with another man. They find a shot that shows a man’s face clearly.

Our characters afterwards anticipate their particular cases, and Do Shik and Ye Ri’s leads move them to – of all places – Eun Bi’s address.

Suddenly there comes a sleet shower, and while Ye Ri and Do Shik find preserve underneath dual roofs opposite a travel from any other, Ji Hoon drives right by them in his car. And then, it stops raining. Talk about cinematic fluke – a characters are all colliding!!

Ye Ri and Do Shik learn that a residence their looking for is a same as Eun Bi’s crime scene. Pulling out their badges, they examine a apartment. The sister of Ji Suk (in Do Shik’s case) and a blank chairman Eun Young was looking for (in Ye Ri’s case) was Seo Eun Bi. And Seo Eun Bi is dead.

Do Shik flips by a print album, anticipating to see a lady wearing a bracelet. Suddenly Ye Ri grabs a manuscript and takes out her possess print to check… And afterwards to make things worse, Min Ho finally identifies a masculine Eun Bi was sleeping with – it’s her brother!! Wait – before we consider it’s incest – it’s her adopted brother, so they’re not related. It also means, she was sleeping with Seo Ji Suk.


Ye Ri and Do Shik find their approach to Ji Hoon’s offices and deliver themselves. Baek Do Shik – now questioning a self-murder of Seo Ji Suk. Nam Ye Ri – now questioning blank chairman Kim Eun Young. She binds out a print of Eun Young, and Ji Hoon snatches it for a improved look.

Eun Young looks EXACTLY a same as their plant Seo Eun Bi. Eun Bi… is Eun Young?!


So what only happened? we wish you’re all not confused yet, given honestly, after a initial hour of a play we was starting to get there. But we consider that’s what creates this play so singly extraordinary – it’s spin after twist, and they’re intelligent twists. At first, we couldn’t see how all a categorical characters’ lives are ostensible to intertwine; in a plot, this foursome make adult a Special Affairs Team reserved to elucidate a unsolvable murder cases. (It’s a approach to give us viewers a juicy, intelligent crime elucidate fix, and for a Seoul military business to urge their repute of withdrawal reduction cases unsolved.) But by a end, things started to make sense.

The strands are distant and separate, nonetheless eventually, given of a characters’ good sleuthing skills they conduct to find a right clues that lead them to any other.

I unequivocally suffer examination Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sang Ho in these roles, especially given they’re both so cool - one is a pointy sole wolf, and a other acts like a idle crippled until he’s prepared to strike. In fact, Kim Sang Ho reminds me a small of Mark Harmon’s impression Gibbs in NCIS because both are such seasoned investigators who act so dispassionate all a time, nonetheless their mind is relocating 100 miles a minute. Jo Ahn had a bit partial in Secret Investigation Record, nonetheless we don’t remember her most there. In this play though, she shines. She competence demeanour too lovable or too adorable, to be taken severely as a investigator with a specialty in rapist profiling, nonetheless it’s partial of her charm. When surrounded by such cold, unbending men, we need someone who can during slightest act human. And, during slightest she can offer something to a list with her psychological discernment into a suspect’s minds. As for Choi Woo Shik, his vital purpose before to this was personification a immature Jung Gi Joon in Tree with Deep Roots. we have to say, we really like him improved here than personification a sarcastic, cloyed scholar. Heh.


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