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The Best Korean Drama of 2013

The Best Korean Drama of 2013

Year 2013 is roughly over and Year 2014 is waiting! Now, it’s a time to opinion for ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2013′.

As a Korean Drama’s fan, we have a right to vote.

This year, we can chose all Korean Drama showed in year 2013 in ‘The Nomination Round’ that will run from 2013-Nov-9, 00:00KST to 2013-Nov-30, 23:59KST.

The Top 8 in ‘The Nomination Round’ will go into ‘The Final Round’ that will run from 2013-Dec-1, 00:00KST to 2013-Dec-31, 23:59KST.

Rule in The Nomination Round:-
- 1 IP residence can usually Nominate for 1 time/day
- 1 time can Nominate for limit of 8 dramas
- Same IP residence can Nominate again after 24 hours
- The Top 8 in ‘The Nomination Round’ will go to ‘The Final Round’
- All Top 8 Dramas will count from 0 in ‘The Final Round’

Happy Voting !!!

The Nomination Round (Chose max of 8 Dramas)
(2013-Nov-9, 00:00KST ~ 2013-Nov-30, 23:59KST)

The Best Korean Drama of 2013 (The Nomination Round)

* If a outcome come out with ‘Thank we for voting’, that’s meant your opinion is accepted.
* If a outcome come out with ‘Thank you, we have already counted your vote’, that’s meant your IP has been denied.

88 Korean Dramas Showed in Year 2013

100 Year Legacy (MBC)
Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek (KBS2)
All About My Romance (SBS)
Answer Me 1994 (tvN)
Birth Secret (SBS)
Blue Tower (tvN)
Can We Get Married ? (jTBC)
Cheer Up, Mr. Kim (KBS1)
Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS)
Childless Comfort (jTBC)
Crazy Love (tvN)
Cruel City (jTBC)
Cruel Palace – War of Flowers (jTBC)
Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN)
Empire of Gold (SBS)
Family (KBS2)
Fantasy Tower (tvN)
Flower Boy Next Door (tvN)
Glass Mask (tvN)
Goddess of Marriage (SBS)
Good Doctor (KBS2)
Good For You (MBC)
Her Legend (jTBC)
Here Comes Mr. Oh (MBC)
Hur Jun, The Original Story (MBC)
I Hear Your Voice (SBS)
I Love You (SBS)
I Miss You (MBC)
I Summon You, Gold! (MBC)
Incarnation of Money (SBS)
Jang Ok Jung (SBS)
Jeon Woo Chi (KBS2)
Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire (MBC)
KangChi, The Beginning (MBC)
King’s Dream (KBS1)
Lee Soon Shin is a Best (KBS2)
Level 7 Civil Servant (MBC)
Looking Forward to Romance (KBS2)
Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon (KBS2)
Marry Him If You Dare (KBS2)
Maybe Love (MBC)
Medical Top Team (MBC)
Monstar (Mnet tvN)
My Daughter Seo Yeong (KBS2)
My Love, Madame Butterfly (SBS)
Nailshop Paris (MBC QueeN)
Nine: 9 Times Time Travel (tvN)
Play Guide (tvN)
Princess Aurora (MBC)
Pure Love (KBS2)
Queen of Ambition (SBS)
Royal Villa (jTBC)
Rude Miss Young Ae 11 (tvN)
Rude Miss Young Ae 12 (tvN)
Scandal : a Shocking and Wrongful Incident (MBC)
School 2013 (KBS2)
Secret (KBS2)
Shark (KBS2)
She is WOW (tvN)
Short Family (E-Channel)
Sincerity Moves Heaven (KBS1)
Special Affairs Team TEN 2 (OCN)
Sword and Flower (KBS2)
That Winter, The Wind Blows (SBS)
The Birth of a Family (SBS)
The End of a World (jTBC)
The Great Seer (SBS)
The Heirs (SBS)
The King’s Doctor (MBC)
The Master’s Sun (SBS)
The Queen’s Classroom (MBC)
The Queen of Office (KBS2)
The Sons (MBC)
The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS)
The Virus (OCN)
Thorn Flower (jTBC)
TV Novel – Dear Love (KBS2)
TV Novel – Eun Hee (KBS2)
TV Novel – Sam Saeng (KBS2)
Two Weeks (MBC)
Ugly Alert (SBS)
Unemployed Romance (E-Channel)
When a Man Falls in Love (MBC)
Who Are You? (tvN)
Wonderful Mama (SBS)
Your Neighbor’s Wife (jTBC)
Your Woman (SBS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why we Miss You (MBC), Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS) and The King’s Doctor (MBC) are list here ?
A. Because these play finished in year 2013, so these play are list here.

Q. Why Passionate Love (SBS), Pretty Man (KBS2) and Empress Ki (MBC) are not on a list ?
A. These play will finished in year 2014, so we will list these play in subsequent year though not in this year.

Q. What is KST?
A. KST is ‘Korea Standard Time’ that we can found a fact here

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