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the bizarre housekeeper play korea

Title : The Suspicious Housekeeper / The Strange Housekeeper
Genre: Family, Mystery
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Hyung Shik (Ghost, Sign, we Am Legend, Cain and Abel)
Screenwriter: Baek Woon Chul
Broadcast network: SBS, each Monday Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-23

A new housekeeper works in a residence that full of damaged souls given they mislaid their mom and this bizarre housekeeper is unfailing to repair their souls and move grin and happy days back.

Character Description

Park Boknyeo

“I will do anything whatever we order. we am housekeeper, Park Boknyeo.”

With grey jumper, large top and large bag, she comes. Though she looks like zombie, if we demeanour her carefully, she is too flattering to be a housekeeper. She should be prettier if she smiles, but, her mouth never opens and her eyes demeanour unequivocally empty. So, it is tough to review her feeling.
Eun Sangchul

“I consider that husband/father’s avocation is usually transferring money. Though my suspicion was wrong, we had to do it given we am their father”

41 years aged with 4 children, manager of one company. He desired his defunct wife. It was prolonged time ago. As there are 4 children, it means that he ever desired her.

His children went abroad for education.
He alone stayed in Korea for creation and transferring income for them.
Whenever a transferring day comes, he feels like his spine collapses given of hardness. Suddenly, his mom passes away.

Eun Hankyul

“Why we gave birth to me? we would rather not born”

18 years aged , Sang Chul’s initial daughter.
Since her mom committed suicide, she attempted to take caring of younger brothers and sister. Among Sangchul’s 4 children , she is a usually daughter who cares Sangchul given she has spent times with him longer than other children.

Eun Dookyul

15 years aged , Sangchul’s son. He does not have any favorite things to do. School, exercise, zero he likes. But he’s good during creation people angry.

But, he has good tongue to ambience food. Before Boknyeo works for his family as a housekeeper, it has no meaning. But, given Boknyeo came to his family, he tends to follow Boknyeo to learn her cooking skill.

Eun Sekyul

13 years aged , SangChul’s son. He is an respect tyro during school. His hobby are reading books and study. So, among Sangcul’s children, he is a smartest. But, he has a cold personality.

Eun Hyekyul

“Will we unequivocally do anything for me? Then, will we go with me to accommodate mommy?”

7-year-old kindergarten girl. Sangchul’s youngest daughter. Cute and extraordinary girl.
Woo Sunyoung.

39 years old. She is a mom of 4 children and Sangchul’s ex-wife who committed suicide.
She sacrificed many things for children her education. But, a prerogative was her husband’s incorrigible adultery affairs.

Yoon Songhwa

She walks like ballet dancer. Whenever she seemed , masculine staffs in a bureau stopped their possess work and watched her.

She decides to charm Sangchul who is a able manager in a office. But, when she feels her-father’s picture from Sangchul, she gets confuse.

Woo Geumchi

Sangchul’s father-in-law.
“I found out my mistakes usually after my daughter died.”
When his daughter insisted to marry Sangchul who has nothing, he cut attribute with her.

But, he unequivocally wanted complacency for his daughter.
On daytime, he visits Sangchul to pull Sangchul to give adult those 4 children to him.
But on nighttime, he visits his daughter’s grave and cries.

Woo Nayoung

“Children, as an aunt, we am another mom of you!”
She’s kind though she’s also careless. Even when she’s hot one ramyun, she mostly forgets to tighten gas! So, her affability brings nuisance for Sanhchul and a children.
Manager Choi

Another manager during Sangchul’s company.
He has elementary and kind personality. He always smiles. As a kind comparison who likes to assistance new employees, he has good repute in company. But, he never won over Sangchul. So, he always seeks for a chance.
Lee Dongsik
28 years old. Sangchul’s youth in a company.
Though he looks naïve outwardly, he is calculative man.

Choi Ji Woo as Park Bok Nyeo
Lee Sung Jae as Eun Sang Chul
Wang Ji Hye as Yoon Song Hwa

Eun Sang Chul’s family

Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Kyul (1st Child)
Chae Sang Woo as Eun Doo Kyul (2nd Child)
Nam Da Reum as Eun Se Kyul (3rd Child)
Kang Ji Woo as Eun Hye Kyul (4th Child)

Eun Sang Chul’s late wife’s family

Park Geun Hyung as Woo Geum Chi
Shim Yi Young as Woo Na Young

People around Eun Sang Chul

Yoon Hee Suk as Manager Choi
Jang Seo Won as Lee Dong Shik

People around Park Bok Nyeo

Kim Hae Sook as Director Hong
Jung Suk Yong as Shin Jung Man

Other People

Bang Eun Hee as Uh Jin’s mother
Lee Seung Hyung as Uh Jin’s father

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