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the women's room korean drama

Title: The Women’s Room
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Director: Lee Myung Woo
Screenwriter: Seol Kyeong Eun
Broadcast network: SBS, each Monday to Friday 08:30 AM
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-05

From heiress, a lady becomes a maid. And she struggles to get her money, male and family from a lady who she believed was a friend

Character Description

Min Kyungchae

Heiress of Hotal ‘Mona Liza.’ She has been a idol of complacency and dream of all women.

One day, she mislaid everything- lover, family, hotel- to so-called-friend. She happens to tumble down to lassie from heiress.

Eun Heesoo

She unsuccessful in her pursuit talk exam in hotel Mona Liza.
While she was walking out of a hotel, she saw Kyungchae who was receiving praises from a hotel staffs.
While she tries to get pursuit in hotel, she unsuccessful in talk of Hotel ‘Mona Liza’.
When she stairs out from interview, she saw Kyungchae who receives regard by hotel staffs.

She and Kyungchae are in a same age though their standing is so different.
She’s sceptical and unexpected there’s a good possibility to retreat that situation.

Han Jisup

General Manager of Hotel ‘Mona Liza’
He is a idol of profanation and ambition-of-success. He is in adore with Kyungchae, a heiress of a Hotel, and he waits marriage.

Suddenly, some uncanny things happened, and, he finds out that Kyungchae won’t support him anymore..

Jin Soohyuk

Italian Restaurant Chef during Hotel ‘Mona Liza’.
He mislaid his relatives in early age and was lifted by his grandmother.

He’s a courteous man.
He saw all Kyungchae’s story, her falling-down, profanation and false-accusation.

Min Dongchul

Kyungchae’s father. He is President of Hotel ‘Mona Liza’.
His father-in-law has usually daughter, that’s given Dongchul hereditary a hotel.

But, given of a cold and greedy celebrity of his wife, his life was not easy.

Yeo Oksun

Kyungchae’s mother, Alchoholic woman.
She was prideful rich heiress of hotel.

But, when she gave birth to second daughter, there was some medical accident.
Her reduce physique was paralyzed, and a new baby has a mental disorder.
All of her life stopped given then.

She became a really excitable woman.

Han Byungkook

Jisup’s father. Private motorist of Dongchul, President of Hotel.

Ki Chansook

Jisup’s mother. She works as a supporter during Dongchul’s house.

Na Hekeum

Soohyuk’s grandmother. She works in money-lending-business . She is a good patron of Hotel ‘Mona Liza’

Jin Soohee

Younger sister of Soohyuk. She is college-girl. But, it is only a title. She spends time during bar rather than during college. Materialistic and greedy girl.

Park Eun Hye as Min Kyung Chae
Wang Bit Na as Eun Hee Soo
Kang Ji Sub as Han Ji Sub
Son Se Bin as Jin Soo Hee
Kang Kyung Joon as Jin Soo Hyuk
Han Jin Hee as Min Dong Chul
Lee Hyui Hyang as Yeo Ok Sun
Im Ha Ryong as Han Byung Kook
Seo Kap Sook as Ki Chan Sook
Sa Mi Ja as Na He Keum

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