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Vampire Prosecutor flirts with Season 2

Ooh! Ooh! More prohibited prosecutor with a gusto for blood extract boxes and a ideal focus of guyliner? Where do we get in line? OCN’s strike uncover Vampire Prosecutor contingency be holding a evidence from wild fans, since producers have announced that they’re severely deliberation a Season 2, and really, they’d be crazy not to. Well now that changes all about what we wish for a finale!


According to a production, they can’t give final confirmation, though are now operative to coordinate actor and staff schedules for a second season, and have been formulation for one from a get-go. It wouldn’t be a widen to call Vampire Prosecutor a exile hit, as distant as wire numbers are concerned. It’s been in a series one container for 10 weeks running, with final Sunday’s Episode 11 averaging 2.5% ratings, stability a strain of stellar numbers for strange wire programming. The prior week’s Episode 10 raked in an normal 3.16%, with a high of 4% during a broadcast. (In wire ratings, a 1% normal is deliberate stone solid, or… it was until this uncover came along.)

Basically shows like Vampire Prosecutor are changing what it means to be a rival strange play on a wire landscape, usually during a spin of a waves when a slew of newbie wire companies have launched with strange shows of their own. It’s a unequivocally engaging time for dramaland, and we can usually wish that a trend continues, since we’re removing some damn good dramas from a small guys.

With usually one some-more part to go, this leaves me in a finale-wish predicament. While we would routinely wish a favourite and his group to save a day and tie adult all their lax ribbons, wouldn’t it be overwhelming if saving a day meant it put him on a conflicting side of a law for Season 2?? Okay, we know, though afterwards it would have to be called something other than Vampire Prosecutor. How about Ex-Vampire-Prosecutor: The Reckoning?

What’s good about a procedural format of this uncover is that it could potentially go on for years, like a American indication of multi-season shows. The murders of a week yield a fast backbone, while we could get a new large bad, or spend some-more time with a group and their personal lives. we theory all that unequivocally matters is that a strange group stays together, since that’s a heart of a show. Maybe they can supplement someone to a team, like a new novice for Dong-man to trainer around.

If a stars align, Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 will atmosphere on OCN subsequent August.